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This breathing has helped my overall well-being and ability to handle high stress. I've been doing it for about two years and my health has improved and i sleep better that i ever have. For anyone thinking about doing this, take the chance! it's a life changer
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I feel very energized and awake holding my breath, i never knew it was possible to feel something totally different doing such an exercise but it's truly amazing, peace at last.
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I started with mediation to manage anxiety, and that led to breath work and that led me here. I have been doing the WHM for a month now and it has gone beyond just managing anxiety, it has eradicated it. I highly recommend doing cold showers daily, even if you can only stand for a minute or two it's been a game changer. So many things now seem possible
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Coming back into this practice after a really hard year feels like coming home. 2 rounds down and sending love beams to all of you beautiful people. Much love fam, we got this.
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Been here for 8 months now. This is hands down one of the Best things you can do for your body and your mind. Mix this with meditation and exercise... you're unstoppable.
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My way out of depression and severe anxiety: No drugs / caffeine / alcohol / porn
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